Schedule To Re-Open September 2020 and Addition of Virtual Classroom

As we ready ourselves for the September 2020/2021 School Year, we are refinishing classroom furniture, making plans for the deep cleaning of the school, installing classroom touch free hand sanitizing stations and planning new layouts of the facility to accommodate CDC and PA Department of Education recommendations for schools to re-open during Covid19.

Virtual Classroom to be Offered in September. Contact for additional information.

We have just finished an incredibly memorable school year, and are looking ahead to the next.  Never could we have imagined at the beginning of this year that we would be pivoting to distance learning with our young children! But we are grateful to be able to say that, although our building closed, Lansdale Montessori School never closed. We transitioned to a distance-learning model, using a Full Version of Zoom, and in partnership with our amazing community of families.

We learned a lot, and most importantly, we maintained our relationships with our community of children.  The 2019-2020 school year has ended and now we will take a deep breath and focus on planning for the multiple scenarios which are possible for next year!


We will be announcing orientation sessions for new LMS students by the end of July.  We are closely following recommendations as they come out from our state government and the Centers for Disease Control. The LMS Safety and Health Program has been distributed to all LMS Families. One thing we have learned from our experiences since March 12th, is that we can adapt to whatever restrictions we might face, and turn to the core of our Montessori philosophy using new and existing resources we have, to create the best environment we can for young children’s development.


We are planning a parent workshop over the summer to help families prepare for the possibilities we may encounter in the fall. 


We will keep in touch.  Please reach out at any time if you wish to speak with us.  Best wishes for a happy and healthy summer!

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